Life at the Farm

Here's a glimpse of life at SF Farms.

The values

SF Farms embraces three core values; treat our animals well, be honest with our customers, and always work towards a more sustainable farm.

The Farmer

Goofy, hardworking, and free-spirited, Ethan balances his time between... Scratch that, there is no other time besides farm time! Even personal social activities are punctuated with thoughts of that sow who is having her babies this week or the fence that needed repairing this morning but got put off to catch a few rogue piglets. The best part about farming is that most of the time it doesn't even feel like work when you see tiny tendrils sprouting in the greenhouse and happy, healthy animals gallivanting around the pastures. The goal isn't to make a million bucks: it's bringing a sustainable and delicious product to a community with the same values and cares about animal welfare and future of our world.

The Guardian

Artemis is a Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dog. She's been on the farm since she was eight weeks old and has protected goats, sheep, cows, pigs, poultry, and property. While keeping a diligent lookout, her days are also filled with piggie playtime, luxurious sunbathing, and helping Dad with chores (Which really means being adorable). But Ethan himself will tell you her favorite time of the day is spent with her best friend and lifelong companion, Baby Bull, in their famous rough and tumble bull rumble. Hands down, Artemis and Baby Bull win the "Cutest Couple on the Farm Award."

The Pigs

This is how we started and why we're here. No matter how many ideas we branch into, the hogs are the core of the farm. No matter where you stand on the farm, you're sure to see evidence of these wonderful animals. We work tirelessly to provide them with fresh pastures, good wallows, and safe snooze spots, and they make sure to keep us on our toes when it comes to fence maintenance.

King Rex (above left) is the original herd sire, and most likely will live out the rest of his days wooing the ladies on the farm. He loves nothing more than a scratch behind the ears unless he sees the snack you have hidden behind your back.

photo 1.JPG

The Piglets

Adorable and tiny, yes, but they can be a handful. Going where they're not supposed to go is every piglet's specialty.

The Birds

Our feathery flock of friends. Providing us fresh eggs daily and keeping the barnyard free of bugs!


The Misfits

Our ragtag herd of cows and sheep serve for little more than entertainment. Or at least they once did the sheep are now 20 strong and growing!

The Produce

They may be the quietest bunch on the farm but they sure do demand a lot of attention. It's a daily task keeping these fellas happy, but it's one we are glad to endure to place delicious fresh veggies on your dinner table.