A Farmer's Day is Never Quite Over...

Today, I woke up at 3 in the morning because Ethan had to deliver his “end of the year” meat boxes to his awesome customers’ door steps in Wilmington and we were staying at his farm house that night (which is about an hour and ten minutes outside of Wilmington.) 

Prior to going to sleep last night we huddled into the meat room behind his house and stocked all of the end of the year meat boxes with various meats and packed them in the truck so they’d be ready to go before the sun even rose. 

We left around 3 in the morning, but I slept in the car until 9 in the morning because although I date a farmer, I’m not quite cut out for those early morning treks. Being the sweet, southern boy he is, he had the front seat leaned back for me stocked full of comfy pillows and a big down comforter. When I woke up, he was already done with his deliveries to Wilmington and we were well on our way to Hillsboro, North Carolina to go to Maple View Farm to pick up farm-fresh milk and butter. We then headed about 2 miles down the road to Chapel Hill Creamery to pick up cheese to show case in the storefront in Cedar Point, NC! While there, we even got to see a 15 minute old baby calf with its mama. The farm was beautiful and refreshing, and you can tell from the people who work there that they are just as passionate about what they do as Ethan is about what he does! 

We got some new flavors of cheese for the week, but the supplies are very limited. The flavors include New Moon cheese, Carolina Moon and our personal favorite, Farmer’s Cheese. These cheeses are have very distinctive tastes with the New Moon and the Carolina Moon being similar. The Carolina moon cheese is a “North Carolina version of camembert with a buttery and mushroomy flavor with a creamy texture” and it is best enjoyed with some crusty bread on the side. The New Moon cheese is a semi-ripened version of the Carolina Moon with a “light coat of white mold and a refreshing lemony flavor!” Last but not least, the Farmer’s cheese is soft, fresh and tangy! The cheese flavors will vary weekly but will cycle back and forth depending on what is available to us each time. We hope you are as excited about the new addition as we are! 

After leaving the Chapel Hill Creamery, we headed to the storefront in Cedar Point in order to stock our shelves with the new products as well as ensure that tomorrow’s meat boxes were ready to deliver! After a long day's work, we are still here finishing up the last few things to do. We’ll then retreat back to his house, rest up and do it all over again tomorrow! 

We cannot wait to keep these new additions coming and we look forward to hearing about your experiences shopping with us at our storefront in Cedar Point.

Until next time,

-The farmer’s girlfriend (Sara)