( scroll to bottom for first post) A Farmer’s Day is Never Quite Over (The farmer’s response)

The phrase “A farmer’s day is never quite over” could be considered an understatement at best. Most times, I don’t know where one day ends and another begins. The first thing I remember from this week (what week is it again?) is wading knee deep in mud…in the pouring rain… chasing pigs and fixing wire. Thrilling right? 

The next thing I remember, it is the middle of the week and I’m twenty sheep over my head realizing that, unlike a pig, they need at least 5 strands of wire to keep them from turning the entire farm (and possibly a little bit of the neighbor’s farm) into their buffet. The new lambs were also very quick to inform me that, like me, they don’t much appreciate being out in the rain. 

So now it’s the end of the week and I’m watching my girlfriend finish nailing boards on one end of their new shelter while I am screwing down tin on the other. My mind is thinking about the boxes I have yet to pack, the eggs that are still under the hens, the milk and cheese that are yet to be picked up, and the four A.M. alarm that is waiting to be set. 

So this brings me to the end of the post but the true point I want to bring home to everyone is that for me, the “farmer’s day” didn’t begin this week, or last week but rather, it began 3 years ago with a vision and the purchase of 20 hogs. 

Is it exhausting sometimes? Yes. But the rewards are well worth it. So I hope this “farmer’s day” never ends. 

-The farmer (Ethan)