The happenings

It's been an eventful few months at the farm to say the least. Oh, where to start............ Let's start with the bad news: first it came in the form of intruders, the two-legged kind. Sadly, we lost more than a few pigs to these intruders, the law was called, reports were filed, but nothing has come of it thus far. Thinking it couldn't get any worse I went back to farming and became a little more aware of my surroundings. Weeks went by and everything was getting back to normal when disaster struck again. This time it was a month long onslaught from four-legged raiders. A deadly game of cat and mouse began with me sleeping at the farm nearly every night and them striking when I would have to go off to handle business. Sheep, pigs and chickens were lost in this fray, and my four legged protectors' pride was more than a little hurt( not much they could do verse eight though.) I had to step up my game and get some around the clock help which unfortunately sadly came in the form rubber booted traps ( something I would prefer not to have to use) and for the first time we put barb wire around the outside of all of our fences. When word got out that traps were out, the four legged creatures magically disappeared...... I have my on thoughts on where they went but I will leave them out of the blog.........  ( the good news ) Its now been a few weeks and thankfully stuff is starting to look up: no more intruders, four-legged or two.The chickens have started to come back out of their coop, the sheep are wandering the pastures again, the pigs have a little more swag in their walk, and the guardians are back to holding their heads high. We've started  signing up for the markets, the store is coming along great, I've started getting the greenhouse back in shape with Sara, and as soon as it drys we will be plowing rows/ planting the garden. 


P.S.- If you haven't visited Morning Glory Coffee Shop on Dawson Street in Wilmington, it's a pretty chill place and happens to be where I am writing this short and to the point blog post.