New Year Old Plan

Sorry in advance for the long post. But here are our plans for 2017 and a pic of me and my nephew on the farm yesterday.

I got into farming when my parents bought me 20 pigs around 5-6 years ago, I fell in love with raising them. From day one I knew I didn't want to do things the way a lot of other people did them. I am not just talking about CAFO's either, I wanted my pigs and chickens to have the best quality life they could have, that meant bigger than needed pastures, searching all over for different types of feed, handling them daily, and just in general treating them the best I could. Raising livestock in a sustainable/humane way is why I farm and the proudest moment of my farming career was obtaining AWA status. We do our best not to stray from this commitment, but I do feel like for the past year or two I was too busy to appreciate the farm/ enjoy it and to give the animals the attention they crave.

So, with in 2017 we are making some big changes here at SF Farms. First, we are going back to where we started Pigs and Chickens (pork and eggs), there might be the occasional cow or sheep but our focus will be on pork and eggs. The past few years we have branched out all over the place from CSA boxes, Huge veggie gardens, and buying basically a whole chicken processing plant. It was fun, filled with successes and mistakes, plenty of lessons learned, but it was also overwhelming and I was stretched too thin.

WE ARE ALSO CHANGING HOW AND WHERE YOU GET OUR PRODUCT. (pork and eggs). First by cutting out farmer’s markets, for us the drama, the cost, and the time where not worth it. This is a hard decision for me because other than working the farm, meeting all our customers at the market was my favorite thing to do. Some of you may be wondering where to get our stuff and to answer that I have made a list below.

STOREFRONTS- The two listed below are the ones who have already placed orders for this upcoming season. We are in talks with two others one more in Wilmington and one in Jacksonville.
Salty Air Open Market
Port City Produce

CSA Boxes
we are in the process of working with different farmers to get our meat and eggs in their box. One in Wilmington and another in Beaufort/Morehead area have already expressed interest.

This is new this year, we will offer all our products at wholesale prices right at the farm on these days. Tuesdays and Thursdays if you call in advance (I Ethan will be there) and Saturdays from 7am-3pm (Lance the farm manger will run this)

WHOLE HOGS AND BULK MEAT will be offered and delivered once every three months.

Restaurants- This one will also be new this year right now we are in talks with one in Wilmy and one in Swansboro.

If you have a store you shop at or a CSA boxe you get and would like to see our product or any other sustainable product in it, please reach out to them. Customers are the driving force behind any business so if they feel the demand for something they will carry it.

If you have any questions call me at 252-808-7340